18 August 2010

Time for a Change...

You know how your parents tell you stuff ALL THE TIME but you never really listen or get it until somebody else tells you? Well that just happened to me about 30 minutes ago. My mom tells me ALL THE TME to stop looking so mean. Then I'd say I'm not looking mean or whatever. She says that I try to be tough or whatever when in fact that's not the case AT ALL. Sometimes I feel like that's just how my face looks. Idk. Anyway, this lady who used to work at my momma job wrote be on facebook and was like..."somethin' somethin' somethin' and stop being so mean" and so I replied back and said "who told you I was mean?" and then she was like "nobody. You just be walking around looking mean and I know you just tryna be tough but your mom tells me how sweet you are"

This ^^^^ got me thinking. I don't want people to think that I'm mean because I'm really not. I can be mean. But that's not a regular thing for me. So yeah. I need to work on not only being more friendly to people, but looking friendly/nice on the outside. This is probably the reason why people (boys) don't approach me. (sigh) Lord take the mean away. I don't wanna be mean.

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