04 August 2010

iPod (nano) 2: It's Over

“Oh my God” Thought the four terrified teenagers as they sped off from the scene.

“What did we…you do?” said one of the girls.

“We hit somebody” the driver said.

“Stop!!!!” said another “we have to go back”

“no what if we get caught? Then we’ll all be in juvie!” The driver said.

“Oh my God…I can’t afford to go to juvie. My parents will kill me! One of the girls said.

“We have to go back; we can’t just leave that poor boy out on the streets” said one of the teens “think about his family and friends” they said again. “They won’t even know what happened to him.”

“o.k. I’m turning around” said the driver

“You killed him!” said the girl.

“I killed him?!” the driver said “you’re the one who distracted me while I was driving” he said.

“How?!” said the girl.

“Undressing yourself in the backseat!” he said back.

“That’s not important!!” said another. “Somebody else’s life was just tooken a few minutes ago because of ya’lls stupidness” he spoke angrily.

“Now what are we supposed to do?” said one of the girls.

“I’m callin’ the police” said the other girl.

“No!” the driver said.

“What do you mean no?” the girl replied. “This boy is dead” she said. “Gone, he’s not coming back. Think about his mother. Her son is dead and she doesn’t even know it…I’m calling the police.”

As she turned on the news she wondered why there was so many police and the ambulance were down the street from her house.

“This is live channel 2 news where 4 teenagers turned themselves in for hitting a young African American male, going 80mph. I’m Michelle Kwon, channel 2 news.”

“My Lord” she thought out loud. “So many young people are dieing these days”

“HI I’m Michelle kwon reporting live on Cobblestone L.A and Hidden Valley drive where a young man was killed in a car accident. The driver of the car apparently didn’t see the 5’10 male crossing the street. He said he was ‘distracted.’”

“Oh my God. African American male, 5’10, and Cobblestone and Hidden valley!” she said frantically. “That sounds like my son!”

At that moment she ran out the house and down the street to cobblestone and hidden Valley. As she came to the crowd she began pushing through them. When she got through the crowd and police restrictions the police tried to stop her. She hollered out “That’s my son…Oh my God that’s my son!!!”

She ran over to the boy and dropped down to her knees crying hysterically.

“Lord why? Why did you take my son? He was only 16. My baby….my baby is dead….my baby is dead…my baby….”

“Look what we did” said one of the boys.

“I know I feel terrible” said one of the girls.

“We all do” said the other boy.

As the mother of the boy looked up at the police car carrying the teens, one of the boys said with his eyes watering, “I’m sorry”


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