16 November 2010

"She Paula Patton thick, she gimme Deja Vu"

That line outta Chris Brown ft. Tyga and Sean Garrett-Dueces "She Paula Patton thick, she gimme deja vu does not make sense for 1 reason...

  1. Paula Patton is not "thick", she's like average model size. The thick that Sean Garrett is talking about refers to Robin Thicke, Paula Patton's husband.
The "Deja Vu" part is referring to the movie she played in with Denzel Washington, Deja Vu.
For the life of me, I cannot understand what this line means because, she's not the thick I thought Sean Garrett was talking about. And how does she give you Deja Vu? I'm thinking that maybe this new girl he's talking about reminds him of how his ex-gf used to be. idk.


  1. It's a weird line, right? I think we can say there's more wordplay that logic or truth in it.

    So, Paula Patton may not be especially thick. But the play on Paula Patton Thicke gets the point across that his "new chick" is a) attractive like Paula, and b) thick, apparently; and on top of all that, we get a flash of recognition from hearing her full married name that creates kind of a pun.

    And the deja vu part seems to me just to be something that rhymes with "you" and has something to do with Paula Patton.

  2. It wasnt sean garret who made that reference
    it was tyga in the song deuces with chris brown kevin mccall and tyga


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