02 November 2010

OmGosh.! Let me tell you!

Early yesterday morning (2:00am) I was sleep, of course, and I accidentally yanked at my tragus piercing. It hurt but, I didn't think nothing of it until my ear started to feel wet. So I got up, looked in the mirror, and it was bleeding. I cleaned it the best I could but then finally took it out because I had this squishy bump on the back of it. Key Word: Squishy. It wasn't a keloid, just backed up fluid. Anyway....I cleaned it up some more and went back to bed.

That night, around 7'somethin I tried to but my jewelry back in...it wouldn't go in!! I was so sad and scared. I kept playing with it for a while and finally decided to put a stud in. It went through so I knew it hadn't closed up. (wipes forehead) So later, I went on yahoo answers to ask for help and this man told me to put ice on it. I put ice on it and tried putting it through.

It went through after minutes of twisting and pushing and icing. I also put alcohol on that squishy bump. It burned like I was in hell for real. But, good news, the squishy bump went away.

Now I'm all good, except my tragus is swollen which is the reason why I couldn't get my CIRCULAR barbell in. btw: Don't get circular barbells. They are a pain to get in, especially when the piercing is sore....

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