18 October 2012


Can I just say how much I hate to hear Romney speak? He is utterly rude, he never answers the questions given, and he's constantly caught in his lies.
Tuesday's debate: I wanted to throw my shoe at the TV, but suppressed my aggression. I don't appreciate Romney telling the people (us) that he's going to make everything better, but never goes into detail on EXACTLY how he's gonna do all these miraculous things. How can you lead a country with no clear path on how to get there? Secondly, I, along with the rest of my TL on twitter,  did not appreciate his disrespect toward the President. After numerous occasions in which Romney interrupted the President to straighten out his own lies, he had a problem with Obama interrupting him during one of the questions. I wonder how Michelle felt at that moment.
Neither candidate is perfect, in my opinion, but I think it's important to weigh out the pro and cons. For me personally, Obama has more pros than cons, and that is why he will receive my vote come Nov. 6. Although Romney and I are in agreement about gay marriage and abortion, I've heard too many negatives from him that directly effect my life. Supposedly, he said that the only people who deserve to go to school are those who can afford it. (pause) So what he's saying is, I am unworthy of an education because I and my parents do not have the funds to pay for it? False. Yes those with the most money typically have a better education and a better job, but that's only because they can pay for it! They don't have to dig themselves in a hole only to repay Sallie Mae with the money they made from their job in which they went into debt for!
He also feels that parents should be the ones to pay for school, out of their pockets, as though we're all rich and can afford to pay thousands of dollars per year. Not so.
Back to Obama. I think voting him out of office would be a bad idea solely because I feel like his job is not done. We're in a middle of a race in which we cannot afford to turn around and change drivers. I'm sticking with Obama, I think the promise lies with him.
(I did not mean to make the majority of this post about how much I don't like [not hate] Romney)
-love and firelies

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