11 October 2009

Homecoming...do's & don'ts...but mostly on'ts


Do's & Don'ts...but mostly don'ts

(1) DON'T come up in'ner dressed like a HOOCHIE

LADIES!!!....the hoochie season is over

- if yo dress is so tight you can see yo gut movin' in and out, hunny, its too SMALL!!
-please don't wear fish net stockings with a leopard print blouse or skirt...its not cute
-too much makeup is not whats hot...not even for Beyonce....*remember*..less is more

(2) Comb Your Hair

This shouldn't even be onthe list

-if you know yo hair is bushy/wavy and it poof up at any sign of moisture....DON'T wear it down

(3)Boys!!....don't wear the same outfit you wear at school!!

-but a new outfit or wear something you never wore at school
-DON'T wear a suit...its too much
-DON'T dress down too much either
-wear like a nice pair of jeans and a button down

(4) Please get a hair cut

-don't come in'ner with be-bez all over the place
-shave..no stubble

(5) Ladies...wear bright colors

like light blues, pinks, greens, yellows etc

-wear it with a dark colored belt....like yellow dress black belt
-you can wear chucks with your dress (optional)....must be a short tu-tu

(6) After Homecoming

Don't be ratchet

Ratchet- rat, nasty, dirty, fast....those who go out and do anything and anybody

This goes for boys and girls

-just 'cuz its the weekend don't mean you can go out and do anything you won't and get away
-word travells fast, if you get ratchet with somebody else whose not you bf/gf...we will find out
-have class, go out and have fun but don't be uncivilized

*I'll be back later to share more of my do's and don'ts

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