09 November 2009

-Stand Still-

Recently I had to let go of someone that was extremely important to me

I couldn't understand what the issue was

I still can't

But for now, I have to let go because holding on hurts to bad

I hope you understand

Because my bible tells me that those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength

The text says they shall mount up with wings as eagles

they shall run and not be weary

they shall walk

and not faint


Ya see

I can't see our future

I don't even know if our future will be OUR future

All I know is our today is not OUR today

And today I'm standing still

Encouraged that whatever the outcome

I'll be alright

And you will too

Because I love you

And I don't ever want to see you hurt because of my selfishness

I must become selfless

Yesterday I cried because I missed you

I miss the old you

How we used to laugh and joke

How when I thought of you a smile would spread across my face


Those heartfelt smiles

Became the heavy weighing frowns

that brought warm tears


I'm still standing

I'm waiting on God to make his decision

God already knows what I want


And he knows what he wants

I miss you

But if thats not the plan

We must except it because the final decision lyes in His hands

Not ours

He will

Have His Will

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